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How to Be More Videogenic: The Sequel

By James Ellison

About a year ago I wrote a short article on how to be more, what I call, videogenic. By videogenic, I mean that we all know those people who look good I pictures, no matter what the situation. They even look great on bad hair days. We call them photogenic. Those who always look good on video would be videogenic. We may not all be photogenic, but more of us can become more videogenic by applying a few basic principles. Since my last article on this subject, I have thought about a several other things that couples can do to look their very best in their videos, on their wedding day. Here are a few more.

The Right Photographer and Videographer

Select the right videographer and photographer. It goes without saying, that the right videographer will help you to look your best. Particularly go with a professional and not with your uncle Bob. But having a video savvy photographer is also very important.

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Some photographers shoot for "the pose" rather than for "the moment". They will have couples almost kiss and hold that pose, or kiss and hold that pose. This gives the videographer little to work with. Video of a held pose is pretty boring stuff. I'm not saying that it is a problem to occasionally ask the couple to pose, as long as the moments are also allowed to happen so the videographer can get the complete kiss. If you hire a photographer who likes to do a lot of pose and hold type things, then you need to allow a little more time for the shoot so the videographer can capture the moments.

Allow Enough Time

Allowing time will help everyone be at there best. A relaxed shooting atmosphere helps everyone to feel comfortable, content, and happy. When couples are rushed to hurry to get to a reception or luncheon, they can get a little frazzled and the happy smile on their faces can become a bit tense and contrived.

Hold that Expression

Many couples pay close attention to the photographer. That is usually who is giving the most directions and cuing them on when to smile, kiss, etc. But be aware that the videographer is always shooting. Many times I have found myself closing in for the perfect shot only to have the photographer finish, and the bride or groom lick their lips, or move their face into an unnatural position. Let your face know that this is the most important day of your life. Smile and hold that expression beyond the end of the photo. Try to keep your face in a happy and natural expression and avoid nervous behavior such as lip licking, mouth wiping, or playing with your hair or wardrobe.

Bride and Groom

Don't Chew gum

This seems like commons sense. But I don't know if it is to deal with nervousness, or out of a yearning to have desirable breathe, but all too often, I find brides, grooms, or wedding party members who feel the need to be chewing gum. This doesn't show up on photographs because it is easy to refrain for a few seconds, but it becomes quickly apparent on video, and is not very attractive. Chewing gum will limit the amount of quality video that can be captured, and will reduce the number of incredible shots in your wedding video.

So as your big day approaches, You prepare and raise your video IQ by hiring a professional, scheduling enough time, remembering to smile and be aware of the on-going video shooting, and abstaining from the "Wrigley habit". As you do this, you will help to create the video picture perfect day.

About the Author:
James Ellison is the owner of Ellison Video Productions, LLC. His company has a superior track record of satisfied customers for years. Contact him for his services at Utah Wedding Videographers - Ellison Video Productions

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